In Arabic, ‘MANARAT’ means ‘beacons’. We support our customers setting up successful businesses. Investors, especially startups and entrepreneurs, are keen to succeed in their anticipated venture. After reaching a feasible feasibility study and securing finance, the startup phase just begins. This field-based phase is different from its predecessors. It requires advanced project management skills, whether the project is a factory, a company, or any other activity. Local experience, market knowledge, and business relations play a significant role in the speed and quality of implementation.

In this context, MANARAT provides years of experience in managing the establishment of ventures, which guarantees the investor to complete the stage of incorporation on time and a scientific and professional basis.

For existing organization in both public, private and non-profit sectors, we engage with customers in business transformation practice to ensure that latest business best practices are in place. Moving forward, MANARAT participates in digital transformation practice offering the maximum automation opportunities resulting in fast, accurate and cost-effective operations.

Mamon Alereigat

In addition, MANARAT partners with customers to develop and deliver a Marketing & Communication strategy that tells a big story, a brand that can sell. We innovate a mix of digital and conventional integrated marketing tactics that suits target customers, engages with them, and maintains a long-term relationship based on an effective Marketing & Communications roadmap.

Moving forward, MANARAT provides customers with solutions and technologies to better position and enforce their brands in the marketplace. Professional social media presence, digital signage, smart devices, and ad networks are among our offerings.

A core competency of MANARRAT is Telework & Outsourcing. For years, we worked with leading organizations developing Telework strategies and executing country-specific projects. Through our regional our outsourcing partner channel, we delivered dozens of projects in various fields including R&D, ICT, digital, media, creative, content among others.

Our leading international partners empowered our offerings with the latest products, frameworks, and services that add a great value to our customers.

Let’s engage to start a new business journey. Let’s together innovate.

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  • Qudoraat
  • Arabian SAS
  • Media Masters Pro
  • Averroes Business Advisory & Services

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